multiverse godbud 10 seed packs

multiverse godbud 10 seed packs

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Multiverse God Bud seeds are authentic cannabis seeds from another dimension

A buzz that is literally from out of this world, Multiverse God Bud will induce multiple parallel time warp perceptions that are best documented by recruiting some close friends and a video recorder to help you make sense of your long journey into a multiple places, at multiple times. Trying to do this alone from only warped memories will be an impossible task. And the journey you’re about to embark will be worth remembering and documenting.

She grows into a medium-short plant, which make us believe she came from another Universe with cooler summers. She turns purple 2 weeks before harvest, and she likes to use up the nutrients in her leaves, which makes us believe the Universe she came from was far into the future where most of the nutrients are missing from the soil, so she is genetically bred to use up the nutrients in her fan leaves. Her THC Levels are also off the charts, so much so that she must of come from Mr. BC Seeds alternate-self thousands of years into the future. No one else would be able to bred 66.72% THC and 17.03% CBD into any one strain.

Her buzz lasts about 6 hours, but will feel to you like 72 hours or longer, depending on the events during your journey and the number of time-shifts that you stumble into, and of course your tolerance to cannabis from another dimensio
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