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MK UltraWreck single seeds

MK UltraWreck single seeds

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MK-UltraWreck single seeds
Sounding like a government terrorist plot, the MK-UltraWreck will leave you as the name implies: ultrawrecked.

The parent plant MK-Ultra has gained many fans as the OGer bloodlines helped the world taste that now almost world standard Kush flavour.

Twisted together with the unique mentholated signature flavour of the Arcata-E32 Trainwreck, brings on a more complex overall smell and flavour package and boosts the yield through ease of growth. Producing more uniform and sturdy standing plants than the classic "leaning Trainwrecks" which can be a bit unruly and effect overall yield.

So If you are looking for a new member to join your cannibinoid liberation front look no further than MK Ultrawreck...

Type: 50/50 sativa/Indica
Flowering: 58-62 days
Height: 120-160
Yield: 350-450/m2
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