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Masterlow marijuana seeds

Masterlow marijuana seeds

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Masterlow cannabis seeds

Genetics: Lowryder x Master Kush
Variety: Indica / Sativa / Ruderalis
Type: Stabilized Hybrid
Harvest Date: 2.5 months from sowing
Flowering Period: 6 weeks
THC Content: Unknown
No. of Seeds Per Packet: 10
Characteristics: Auto-flowering strain with heavy indica influence

Master Kush x Lowryder. Selective Master Kush Females (Dutch Passion) crossed with 12 inch Lowryder Males (Joint Doctor), resulting offspring were then carefully picked through, crossed again to Lowryder, and inbred repeatedly (Lowryder/Master Kush/Lowryder X Lowryder/Master Kush/Lowryder). This cross is sure to satisfy, as you will notice a strong Kush presence, with the plant 100% auto-flowering. You will also see lots of resin production, as plants will finish with medium height, and yield. This is the staple for some of Mdanzigs best auto-flowering plants.
A 100% auto-flowering Hybrid, that is similar to pure Lowryder. The hope here was to make a more bulkier Lowryder Hybrid that has an improved taste. Only the bulkiest plants were kept for further breeding and an unknown female is in the mix displaying a heavy Indica presence. Plants will stay short in stature, and very easy to manage
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