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Margoot marijuana seeds

Margoot marijuana seeds

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Margoot is a crossing of Maguma (x Mazar Bubblegum) with Original Chocolate Thai. Came several years ago at the hands of Green Devil Genetics, which have preserved and stabilized. Began to popularize after his triumph in the last cup of Highlife BCN as the first outside. Boasting an astonishing resin production and palate and a very sweet smell of incense, just for gourmets. Form high floors, well-branched, producing very generous. It takes about ten or eleven weeks of bloom indoors, so it will not be ready in outer until November. Without a doubt worth the wait, because the Margoot has an effect on cerebral Sativa very special, plus an exquisite and distinctive palate. Haze is not a sharp you get mad, but it is quite balanced, as well as positive. All varieties of Green Devil Geneics are acclimated to the Spanish Mediterranean

(Mazar x Bubblegum), Chocolate Thai


5 seeds

70-80 days

400/600 g/m2

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