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Mako Haze

Mako Haze

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Kiwiseeds - Mako Haze If you are a Haze fan you'll love this one. Real sativa growth habit, long elongated branches with dense clusters of flowers, and sticky with resin that looks almost like millions of tiny diamonds. A little longer with the flowering times of the Mako Haze is more than compensated for by the end product. Huge Yields of quality smoke can be expected. When dry the T.H.C crystals are so thick under a microscope it almost looks as if they are matted together! The smoke is lovely and smooth, with a good hazy taste, and the high is up, up, up for a long ride. All in all very pleasant. Type: Indoor; Outdoor Genetics: Sativa 75% / Indica 20% Flowering: 70 - 90 days Height: 1 - 3 metres Yield: 550 - 650 grams per m2 High: Very strong up high
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