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magenta 99 cannabis seeds

magenta 99 cannabis seeds

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Magenta99 seeds (Pakistan Chitral Kush x DTC99). The explosive fragrance, captivating wine/burgundy calyxes and potency of a most exciting 100% indica, Pakistan Chitral Kush (PCK), has been expertly united with a select original Bros. Grimm DTC99 father to result in delighting the nose, palate and mind of even the most discerning cannabis connoisseur. From PCK's mouthwatering wild strawberries, to juicy fruity peaches and tantalizing tart blackberries, the infusion of exotic tastes and mind soaring potency from DTC99 collides like an atomic explosion to make Magenta99 a most unique must have hybrid suitable for growing in a wide variety of gardens. Expect flowering time to be a short 60-65 days indoors with this hybrid, created especially for those who desire a delicious tasting aromatic plant while simultaneously being a standout beauty in the garden possessing a colorful and flavorful effect with a mind blowing high. Flowering time indoor: 60-65 days

mostly indica
Flowering Time: 60-65 Days
Grow Location: Indoor
Sea of Green? Yes
Sex Characteristics: Female or Male
Stature: Medium to med-large tree, branches nicely
Yield: Moderate to Heavy
Odor: Wild berries, fruity, tart to peachy pine
Taste: Tart fruity wild berries, hint of musky pine
Buzz: Intense heady mindmelt
Grow Info: Grows well in a variety of indoor styles, branches nicely, increased if topped at 6th node.

comment: Magenta99 is an f1 hybrid of Pakistan Chitral Kush and DTC99. The two Phenos I grew stayed short. The first plant received no veg and was put into flower from seed. The 2nd plant received 4 weeks of veg. Both plants where Indica Dominate. The first Pheno turned a lovely shade of Pink/Magenta. This plant had exceptional resin production. I used a 400hps Eye Hortilux. The Buds where nice and firm for only using a 400hps. The 2nd pheno is still in flower. I will add info on the 2nd Pheno when she is done. I used Happy frog soil for both plants. I would recommend a 6 week veg for this strain. The high is very Narcotic and is exceptionally good for anxiety. Both Plants where very easy to grow. I used Botanicare Pure Blend Pro Grow and Revive for veg. For flower I used there Bloom with Cal/Mag and Jamacian Bat Guano high in PK. This is a Outstanding new cross by Dutchgrown.
Lineage: PCK x DTC99
Family :Hybrid
Indoor Maturation: 55 to 65
Sex Possibilities: Standard (M/F)
Stature: Somewhat short and squat
Odor Level: Medium
Odor Description: Berry/Sickly sweet/skunky
Taste Level: High
Taste Description: Berry with some skunky undertones
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