Loud scout marijuana 10 pack of seeds

Loud scout marijuana 10 pack of seeds

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Unwind with a tasty bud that aims to help you forget about the woes of the day and pull you into a relaxing, but creative buzz. By crossing Girl Scout Cookies with Platinum OG Kush, Loud Seeds has given users a mouthful of flavor and a head full of butterflies all in one with Loud Scout.

Thanks to its sensational effects and mind-bending THC average of 22%, Loud Scout brought home first place at High Times’ 2012 Cannabis Cup hosted in Amsterdam. This award-winning hybrid is comprised of oblong, minty green nugs coated in orange hairs and translucent trichomes. With delightful odors such as berries and pine, and a flavor palette of tropical fruit and cookie dough, it’s no wonder this one came away a winner.

This bud presents an initial burst of energy that inspires creativity and focus. The effect comes in waves throughout the high, overtaking your mind’s desire to be lazy at times. Your body will fully relax as any and all worries fade away. These feelings of near sedation will ebb and flow as the high moves throughout the day. If you’re typically a wallflower in social situations you might enjoy this strain at a party before heading home for a chill rest of the night.

Because this bud contains sedative properties, its great for anyone suffering from ADHD, anxiety, or other mood and focus disorders. After just a couple of puffs, you’ll feel your mind sharpening and your body letting go of tension. Users treat other chronic illnesses such as pain and muscle spasms with Loud Scout because of its high THC content and its little kick of CBD. Experienced smokers warn that this is a cough-inducing bud and may be best used with a vaporizer.

Does this plant sound perfect for you? Awesome. Growing it might be its only drawback. This all-female strain is on the moderate-to-difficult side to cultivate and it is recommended to utilize a completely organic approach for best results. What does this mean for first-time growers? Buy in bulk and leave the cultivating to those with a bit of a greener thumb.

If you love Girl Scout Cookies for its amazing flavor and ultra soothing effects, or Platinum OG Kush for that undeniable buzz you get from head to toe, Loud Scout will satisfy all of your expectations. She lives up to her parents in many ways and exceeds them in many more. Enjoy this dense bud in the evening for maximum gratification.
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