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lemon stinky marijuana seeds

lemon stinky marijuana seeds

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The parents for lemon stinky come from 2 of the worlds best known varieties from 2 of the best known seed companies. The female in the hybrid is a slightly leafy dank burnt lemon rubber smelling sensi star from paradise seeds and the father a tried and tested chronic male from serious seeds.

the odd female may put out a banana in the last we
Stature: Very short and stocky
Yield: Yield can be very high,400g to 600g per sq/m
Odor: All females have a lemon aroma from sweet lemon to dank lemon
Taste: If dryed a cured right the lemon aroma is dominant
Buzz: Uplifting to start with,with a indica kick
Grow Info: Can be grown in any situation apart from outdoors above 60*N.At 55*N she finishes late oct and if started in april/may and left un-topped will grow to around 5-7ft tall and about the same width. Indoors she's a dream to grow very easy for the novice and expert in any medium and should be grown to with in 6-10" you want them to be at harvest time as they don't strech a little if at all ,they just fill in with fat dense cola's covered with incredible amount's of glistening trichomes.
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