LAPD marijuana seeds 10 pack

LAPD marijuana seeds 10 pack

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The strain LAPD is not named for the Los Angeles Police Department; it’s a portmanteau of its two parent strains, indica favorite LA Confidential and tasty Purple Diesel. The result is a sativa-leaning strain with long-lasting mental effects and a delicious, multilayered flavor. Its reported THC levels are north of 20%.

LAPD is marked by its large, solid buds that range in shape from chunky and globular to somewhat elongated and cylindrical. The flowers have a pronounced indica bud structure, with leaves that are densely packed around their central stems. The leaves themselves are a yellowish green, although some phenotypes also have various shades of purple in their leaves; the latter hues come about when anthocyanin pigments in the plant’s genetics are stimulated by cold weather. Finally, LAPD’s flowers are crowned with an abundance of resinous white trichomes, ensuring the strain’s psychoactivity.

LAPD’s flowers have certainly taken up the astringent, chemical-tinged fumes of parent strain Purple Diesel. A second whiff picks up on hashy, incense-like notes as well. Grinding up the buds, meanwhile, reveals a strongly skunky odor. When burnt, the strain gives off a harsh smoke that may be cough-inducing. LAPD’s thick smoke has a sour and slightly fruity flavor on the exhale.

Although it has a mostly sativa background, LAPD may take a while to hit the user with its dynamic head high. After 10 to 15 minutes, however, the strain may trigger a headrush and some subsequent dizziness for users; other initial signs that the high is setting in may be an increase in salivation or a feeling of constriction around the temples. As they get used to these odd sensations, smokers may also note that their thoughts have taken on an elevated cerebral quality. Thoughts may flow from one to the next, while smokers may find themselves poring over obscured connections and associations between seemingly unrelated ideas. This kind of hyper-focused thinking can allow for productivity on detail-oriented and analytical tasks. It may also open up new doors of perception for creative users to work on more open-ended projects like brainstorming or crafting. As LAPD’s high progresses, some substantial relaxation may work its way into the muscles, soothing any physical tensions and facilitating deep, restorative breathing. This mild body stone isn’t likely to derail an agenda or trap consumers on the couch, though. Instead, the strain’s ultimate combination of mental and physical stimulation translates into an enhancement of activities that involve the coordination of both body and brain, including exercising, gaming, and even sex in the right circumstances. LAPD’s heady properties tend to persist for the duration of the high and can be very valuable in social situations, keeping conversation and good vibes flowing. Because of its mostly upbeat and energetic properties, LAPD is recommended for daytime consumption.

LAPD may also have several useful applications for medical cannabis patients. Its sharp mental state can help those with attention deficit disorders to stay focused on single tasks. The strain’s euphoria may also temporarily relieve the symptoms of mild to moderate stress or depression. Its indica side, meanwhile, may dull physical pain, whether it’s due to inflammation, as in the case of headaches or cramps, or to chronic conditions like fibromyalgia or arthritis. Because this high can trap users in their own heads in the wrong set and setting, it is not recommended for patients who are prone to panic or paranoia or who have a low THC tolerance.

While there’s little information available on best practices specific to growing LAPD, we know that it can be cultivated indoors or outdoors in a hot, semi-humid climate. Additionally, its indica-looking flowers suggest that plants grow short and squat, with strong lateral branching. LAPD has a brief flowering time of between 7 to 8 weeks when grown indoors. Those looking to bring out the flowers’ bold shades of purple should expose their crops to cold (but not freezing!) nighttime temperatures just before flowering begins.

LAPD is a great all-purpose hybrid that comes without any discernible couchlock. It’s a good smoke whether you’re savoring it alone or sharing it with friends.
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