Lambsbread marijuana seeds

Lambsbread marijuana seeds

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lambsbread marijuana seed

Medical Marijuana has long had to sift through the stuff of legend, only to find a small kernel of truth. From a mysterious lineage to an exotic taste, much of what is known is passed down, and not always correctly. Fortunately, that information is not always necessary in order to objectively review something. My current review is no different, purportedly representing the near-legendary pure Sativa strain that Bob Marley favored most: Lambsbread.

At a glance, Lambsbread encompasses all that you could really expect in a Sativa: light green coloring, long spear-like buds, and an overabundance of small resin heads. The buds themselves have a more compact look to the calyxes, offering little by way of space between them, but not quite as swollen and rounded as a Jack Herer. The sheer amount of resin heads help to give the herb a much lighter shade, visually more impressive and appealing than many other pure Sativas. That being said, I can hardly wait to get my nose in the bag.

Looks are rarely the defining characteristic of a Sativa – typically they are known for their complexity of taste and smell. Lambsbread is no different, offering a scent that leaves most people scratching their heads. Initially your nose catches hints of citrus and fruit, followed by an underlying sour stench. Although neither smell is particularly overwhelming, the combination leaves me thinking “yogurt”, and contemplating how its flavor will come together.

In order to test that flavor, I need to choose a consumption method and what better than my usual, and Bob Marley’s usual, a joint. Upon grinding up the herb I notice that it is at the tale-end of when I would prefer it to be cured, slightly more dry, creating a more difficult roll and making me worry that the flavor may be compromised. However, with the deconstruction of the bud also becomes a better appreciation of the smell and that has increased dramatically. The roll goes without a hitch, and before I know it I am happily half way through.

The taste of Lambsbread has to be the real standout: starts off light and citrusy with a hint of tartness, develops nicely into the more well-rounded flavor in the middle, and finishes thick and sweet. Delicious and complex, it’s a good thing that it is a Sativa, otherwise I may find myself more medicated than I had intended.

The experience from Lamsbread is quite comparable to other well-known sativa’s. Fast acting, an initial rush to your head lets you know what is coming and before long you are happily medicated. The high is uplifting and psychoactive, not quite as high-functioning as some other pure-sativa’s, but longer lasting, allowing you to medicate fewer times throughout the day.

Regardless of what Bob Marley thought, Lambsbread is an ideal medication for daytime consumption, a catalyst for many outdoor activities that will lift your spirits and combat depression.
7-9 weeks
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