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La Reina de Africa

La Reina de Africa

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La Reina de Africa

This is our star among the outdoors qualities! It is a super-productive plant that develops a big quantity of trichomes so it is ideal to make hashish.

It is a plant that shows all its hybrid power, outdoors where its height will reach 2 metres or more and occupy an area of a few squared metre if you planted it in April.

If you prefer indoor growing, a supervised Sea of Green will provide you with a wonderful super-production.

This variety, with green and sharp leaves, has a strong but sweet taste such as acid fruits and glue and it is very easy to grow, with extraordinary results.

The Queen is capricious and its main desire is bring to you pleasures and delights.

Height: Medium-Tall
Indoor flowering time: 8-9 weeks
Outdoor harvest timer: October
THC level: 18%
Yield: High
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