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LA Confidential feminized 15 marijuana seeds

LA Confidential feminized 15 marijuana seeds

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The LA Confidential Cannabis Seeds are great for medicinal use as they relieve pain and help insomnia. For the everyday user, the high of this herb is psychedelic and energetic, with a hammer. This girl is a heavy eater. There are two real phenotypes of the Confidential and they will both finish in 45-56 days. One is a bit more hardy, but both equal in knock down drag out stone. Preveg'ing is advised to maximise the yield.

Thinning the large fan leaves in the later part of the flower cycle will promote more light getting to the lower buds, thus increasing your yield. With an incredible smell and unique flavour, the LA Confidential is one of our most prized plants and delivers one of the highest highs!

This plant is one of our most prized strains and constantly wipes the board with its competition!

Cup Winner!1st - Indica IC420 Breeders Cup (2005)
Cup Winner!1st - Vegas Cup (2007)
Cup Winner!2nd - Indica High Times Cannabis Cup (2005)
Cup Winner!3rd - Indica High Times Cannabis Cup (2006)
Cup Winner!3rd - Kush Cup 2006
Cup Winner!Top 10 Strain Of The Year, High Times (2006)

The mother of this Variety comes from California by way Afghanistan same as the father he was Afghan too. This strain as we know it is 100% indica
Growth Factors

Her most suitable environment is indoors but can be grown in greenhouse or outdoor. Our preferred method of growing this strain is in everything. The LA Confidential likes all medium's Hydro, Coco Beds, Soil, NFT systems it's all good. But we usually like to veg our plant's 3-4 weeks depending on the strain. Less is more in our book, bigger plants less Numbers of plants

We like to use the organic nutrients, but all nutrients are ok, as long as flushed properly.

This LA Confidential has a short flowering time and is not the biggest yielding strain we have either. The average flower time on her is 46 to 56 days indoor, outdoor she finishes in late September early October. Average height of this plant using our grow methods at the beginning of flower stage is between 3 to 4 feet and at the end of flowering she will stand not much more then a foot taller. Her yield when using our grow methods is 300-500 grams per sq. meter.

As the LA Confidential slowly moves through its growth stages we notice that she has popcorn like buds that are very dense and dark green to almost black sometimes at the end of flowering. This strain has great strengths when it come to resisting powdery white mildew and can be grown in hot conditions. This Plant is one of our favorites "Head Stash" its all about the quality of this strain, great taste, great smell, great high its an all around winner. Any one can grow the LA expert or beginner she is for everyone!

When she is ready for smoke her appearance is rock hard nugs that smell extremely tasty. The Quality of this herb is a heavy high for sure more down then up, but you feel awake to do as you need throughout the day/night just be prepared to be high for a while.

The aroma of the LA is the unique and the flavor lasts to the last hit of the joint. This strain has been available in seed form since 2004.
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