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Kushdee allstar genetics seeds

Kushdee allstar genetics seeds

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the allstar genetics used for this cross is

The ALEGRIA male is selected from 100 seeds last year and we had 2 favorites phenos we used for several crosses since then.

The OG KUSH (clone) was given by a very close friend ;-) and it took us a while to make some strong mothers before we could breed with it after this cross was done we had 3 nice phenos that we spread as sample,this and the smoke reports made us realise that 1pheno realy kicked and we start cloning her out now for fellow growers .

(its not a heavy yielder but the smoke is strong and makes all good ,i did topping now on this mother to see what yield can come of with more head colas.
Its short flowering depending on the method 7 to 10 weeks flowering is the range .
KUSHDEE is very frosty early in flowering stage and to describe her smell (its reminds me of petrol/oil lamp) but with candylike undertones the buzzz is stone
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