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klondike marijuana seeds

klondike marijuana seeds

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C99 x ISS

Casino's dad the Island Skunk was crossed with the pinapple pheno sativa dominant Lollypop's mom. More of a rocket pot. Great yield of sativa flowers. Dedicated to the Yamaska Breeder's sister. Niagara growers are getting 1-1/2 to 2 lbs under 1000 watts.

Indoor flowering 8 to 9 weeks.

Both Casino and Klondike have a more column like growth pattern and can be grown untopped and tightly planted. Dont veg too long or you will hit the ceiling quicker than you would believe was possible. The father is responsible for the crazy stretch. Clones can be fowered very short, and still end up with reasonable height.

Lollypop is a super extreme pineapple flavoured C99 crossed to the remarkable Romulan, creating a cinnamon coffee flavoured hybrid.
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