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KC Brains Leda Uno

KC Brains Leda Uno

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KC Brains Leda Uno

* Strain: Sativa
* Parentage: Nevil's Haze & KC 606
* Planting: Indoor / Outdoor (warm climates only)
* Flowering: 42-63 days / end Sep-mid Oct (56-77 days)
* Yield: 160g / 800g per plant (indoor/outdoor)

10 Cannabis Seeds per pack

Intended for indoor cultivation, Haze special shows equally good results outdoors. Special Haze retains many of the growth characteristic's of the Haze variety. A tall plant, her internode spacing is benificially closer than many other Haze crosses, giving more budding sites. Requires minimal vegetative time and can be placed directly into a 12/12 lighting cycle as soon as it has rooted. This strain needs space and good soil. Thoughtful and relaxing high.

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