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Kannabia Special single seeds

Kannabia Special single seeds

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Kannabis Special single seed

The only one with the name of the company must be a special plant

Our efforts combine one of the best outdoor varieties, the mythical Early Skunk, with our Indica male "K". This mixing provides compact buds and a shorter indoor flowering (the indoor Early Skunk is prone to over-ripen). Anyway this plant shows all its potential outdoors and you can plant it later to keep the height under control (if you are worried about the external public) without losing any of its fantastic final result.

The Pearl component joined with the Indica "K" gives the plant a vigorous growth with a very short internode distance and big deep green leaves.

This heredity makes Kannabia Special very resistant to pests and mould, and gives abundant flowering.

If you start with indoor clones,
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