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Jack ripper

Jack ripper

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* Super Potent
* Short Squatt little stretch 2x max ( depending on veg time)
* Extremely High Resin Content
* Distinctive Lemon Smell
* Medicaly Effective- pain & anxiety relief
* Good Yielders

Heavy THC Resin

Product Specifics

Jack The Ripper. The mother plant Jacks Cleaner F1 has obtained urban legend status due to it's hard to get nature and folktales of lethal potency leaving men dazed. The Space Queen is one of the best tasting strains I have tasted in years and still packs incredible resin and potency and unmistakable lemon qualities but with a definite haze fuel like undertone on the exhale.
The JTR seeds are tremendous in size and extremely dark and striped in the classic form of JC crosses.If you liked JCB or JC bx this is the collectors strain for you. 8 weeks + Sativa Hybrid

* Resin Rockets
* 8 weeks flower
* 2x stretch
* devastating High very potent
* extreme lemon taste and smelll
* very haze liketastes
* Indoor
* SOG Suitable
* If you want Jacks Cleaner Genetics then you should look no further than JTR excellentin all departments one of the only 8 week haze tasting plants.

With this strain we are not the orginators cannaseur sell this strain orginally we are resellers
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