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Herijuana marijuana seeds

Herijuana marijuana seeds

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Location: indoor, outdoor; Type: mostly indica; Flowering: ~53 days; No feminized seeds.

ana is "oldschool" pot that's been grown in Humboldt county for over 20 years. A proven medical strain that will cripple the average stoner.

There are 3 phenos to be had,all of them are excellent. The flavors will also vary depending on pheno. The mother i used was a very dense budded female with a sweet hash flavor. A very bushy plant that would benifit from being topped.Thus cutting down the stretch and utilize a few branches instead of having a bunch of smaller buds.

height: 3 ft.
flowering time: 7-8 weeks
harvest: 2-3 oz. if vegged for a min. of 6 weeks.
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