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Heavyweight Midnight X-press Feminised Seeds

Heavyweight Midnight X-press Feminised Seeds

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Heavyweight Midnight X-press Feminised Seeds Specs
Type: F1 Hybrid 70% Indica
Flowering time: 56 days indoors. Outdoors: end of September
Yield: 500 g per m2 indoors. Outdoors up to 800g per plant
Effect /Buzz: Deeply physical, but creative
Smell/Taste: Tangy and heady
THC: 20-22%

Heavyweight Midnight X-press Feminised Cannabis Seeds Info
The Heavyweight research team don't let international conflicts thwart their pursuit of the ultimate strain, and this one certainly took us on a wild adventure!
Our quest for herbal perfection led us through the foothills of the Pir Panjal mountain range, into the disputed and politically unstable region of Kashmir. After days of trekking, arduous donkey rides and dodging army patrols, we finally reached a small village. Here we met Avinash, our Kashmiri connection, and a true connoisseur of all things Kush.
Avinash was anxious to introduce us to a local farmer, who had been nurturing some of the sweetest herbs to be found in the region. Tucked away behind a crop of maize, we marvelled at the thriving specimens before us - though the methods of cultivation were simple, the results were awe-inspiring.
A sample of the finished product left us in no doubt - we simply had to get this mother back to the heavyweight labs!
Easier saids than done - our return journey involved navigating the Haji Pir Pass, an outpost manned by the Pakistani army, at midnight. The ganja gods were clearly watching over us, however, and ensured a safe passage through the perilous terrain by the light of the moon.
Once back on home turf, we immediately began working on our Kashmiri Queen. Many months of experimentation ultimately led to a cross of the Kashmiri with the mighty Bubble Candy, and Midnight X-press was born!
The results have been phenomenal! Though largely indica, the sativa element is also evident in the sensations Midnight X-press conjures - a deep, physical buzz punctuated by moments of clarity and creativity. The taste is tangy and evocative of the distant land from whence she came. As befits the good name of Heavyweight, yields are large and early finishing.
All who have sampled Midnight X-press have offered the same opinion - bringing this strain into the wider world was definitely worth all the time and effort - enjoy!
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