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Heavyweight K.O.Kush Feminised Cannabis Seeds

Heavyweight K.O.Kush Feminised Cannabis Seeds

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Heavyweight K.O.Kush Feminised Seeds Specs
Type: Mostly Indica
Height: 100-120 cm
Yield: 450 p.s.m.
Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks
THC 23-24%

Heavyweight K.O.Kush Feminised Cannabis Seeds Info
Heavyweight are proud to announce the arrival of K.O.Kush - ensure that you are fully warmed up and mentally prepared before stepping into the ring with this heavy, heavy hitter! An indica dominant strain, this powerful plant grows short and stocky. Don't be put off your guard by its diminutive height however - growth is practically horizontal, with a crazy ammount of side branching. In fact, the only problem we've encountered with this strain is that the buds are so heavy, they can topple the entire plant onto the canvas! Extra support is a must, and any special attention will be rewarded in kind with a bountiful harvest. K.O.Kush is not only a high yielder, its dizzingly high THC content and deep, spicy taste make it a serious contender for anyone brave enough to take it on. Novices beware - K.O.Kush will put you on your ass in the first round!
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