Heavens Fruit high cbd 10 seed pack

Heavens Fruit high cbd 10 seed pack

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Heaven's Fruit 10 seed high cbd packs
Heaven’s Fruit is a plant easy to grow and with good performance. Once germination has started, it has a vigorous and leafy growing with dark wide leaves and short internodes.

When photoperiod is changed to 12/12, it takes around 20 days before showing its first buds. It’s from that moment when it’s possible to define the two majoritarian phenotypes, although this doesn’t specially affects the growing, because the height and the flowering time of both phenotypes are very similar, what it makes it suitable for growing it with the Sea of Green technique and SCROG too.

Its flowering is spectacular, forming tail type buds so dense and compacts as its predecessor Tropimango. It’s sensitive to low temperatures, and its leaves can get darker because of the cold if the temperatures get below 18º.

It’s also remarkable its resistance to plagues, what already makes it a good candidate for any kind of growing.

Cultivated outdoors forms some beautiful plants shaped pyramidal and of great production, that we could harvest from mid October. If while the last weeks of flowering the temperature gets below 13º it gets completely purple.

In a matter of flavour and aroma, Heaven's Fruit has a lot to say, because it’s a real gem. A cumulus of nuances that move between acid and earthy flavours, with a lot of density and long persistence in mouth.

We believe that this variety will conquer those growers who look for special flavours on its grass.

Genetics: NY Diesel X Tropimango
Content Sativa-Indica: 60% Sativa 40% Indica
Indoor flowering: 60-65 days
Outdoor harvest: Mid October
THC Content: 16-18%
Indoors production: 400/500 gr/m2
Outdoors production: 400/600 gr/plant

Its effect is mostly Sativa, with an appropriate High for reading and introspection, although after two hours its down effect will let you completely relaxed. The fact that most of phenotypes present high CBD levels makes it a very good choice for cannabis medical users.
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