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Hawaiian Honey Purple seeds

Hawaiian Honey Purple seeds

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Hawaiian Honey Purple is another purple variety from the collection of marijuana seeds. Not much information is available about this strain; we know that Hawaiian Honey was a cutting passed down from some NorCal breeders some time ago and produced a PHENOMENAL yield. then crossed it with a male from his GDP (yes, it still exists) seed collection.

The result is amazing. Most of these new marijuana seeds keep the large yielding trait. Around 25% of Hawaiian Honey Purple plants turn purple; a strong grape cough medicine dipetapp flavour of GDP with some honey flavours and a strong indica high make this marijuana seed really unique.

Like any other seeds, Gray Fire is suitable for indoor, outdoor and greenhouse cultivation. These marijuana seeds are ready in 9-10 weeks with a really heavy and resinous yield.

Hawaiian Honey x Granddaddy Purple

9-10 weeks


Indica relaxing, yet clear headed
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