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Green Spirit All Female

Green Spirit All Female

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Green Spirit ®
Green Spirit is a hybrid of Big Bud and Skunk #1. We made this hybrid because Big Bud itself is not a very consistent strain, with very big differences among individual plants. By crossing Big Bud and Skunk #1, Green Spirit became quite homogeneous. Good results under artificial lights. Clear and strong high. The plants have an explosive flowering and are extremely resinous. Very high yield.
THC: 5.9%

flowering period: 8 - 9 weeks
harvest time outdoor: 1st week of Nov.

Genetic background and history

Green Spirit is a very traditional Dutch Passion strain, being available since …. Its ancestral genetics reach back to the 70's and 80's, representing "old school breeding" at its finest: In Green Spirit, Big Bud and Skunk #1 come together for a real hybrid vigor showdown, bringing in their best properties. Big Bud originally is a Sativa/Afghanica cross that was developed near Portland/Oregon (USA) and later on made a career as seed strain in Holland. The problem with Big Bud is that this strain shows a lot of variation amongst individual plants, producing its trademark extraordinary fat buds with only about every fourth female plant. In addition, out of these only 25% are potent. Crossing a fine Big Bud specimen with the "champion of hybridization strains" Skunk #1 resulted in a very homogeneous strain with explosive flowering, huge fat top colas and lots of resin. From Skunk #1, Green Spirit has inherited the favourable calyx-to-leaf ratio, aroma sweetness and uniformity, while Big Bud mainly adds the tendency to form an extra long drawn and extra fat main cola.
Cultivation test
In order to find out about Green Spirit's qualities in the new millennium, I let six regular seeds germinate in the year of 2000. All of them sprouted within four days and, after being planted into 6 litre pots with soil mixture, healthily grew under four 36 W fluorescents (2 x blue spectrum, 2x red spectrum, hanging as close as 2 cm to the plant tips), receiving 18 hours of daily light. Three weeks after germination, the fluorescents were replaced by a 400 W Philips SON-T AGRO lamp, and one week later, flowering was induced by shortening the light cycle to 12 hours. At this time the plants had grown rather homogeneously, measuring 42 to 55 cm. Growth concentrated on the main stem, there was not much side-branching, what should make Green Spirit an appropriate variety for the sea-of-green method also. Leafs were dark green and medium broad. After seven to nine days, all of the plants had revealed their gender. Three turned out to be female, three were male and abandoned. Two weeks before ripeness, the plants did not receive any more fertilizer. They all had formed tremendous top colas with a solid, while not excellent, calyx-to-leaf ratio and a good deal of resin, accompanied by a couple of good side buds. The three Green Spirits reliably matured within the harvest time window of 8-9 weeks (as given by Dutch Passion), taking 58, 60 and 62 days to ripen, reaching a final height of 73 to 87 cm. They yielded between 30 and 38 grams, what can be considered an excellent harvest amount for plants grown from seed. Aroma and taste were sweet and flavoursome, not that mild, but still pleasant to smoke. The high confirmed that Green Spirit is no heavy "THC bomb", but delivers a vivid buzz that won't knock you down, what makes this strain a suitable day smoke.
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