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Green Dragon marijuana seeds

Green Dragon marijuana seeds

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Green Dragon marijuana seeds

It is an excellent energetic, interactive and mind blowing Sativa high perfectly combined with a potent narcotic Indica stone. It has dense bright green gooey orange haired buds that tightly pack the thick clusters of delicious trichromes; extremely gooey. The buds have a strong sharp piercing aroma which is both piney and fruity that shoots right through your nose. The taste is deliciously spicy and earthy which later blends into a sweet hash-like flavor when you exhale. The high is powerful, cerebral and perplexing and lasts for at least two hours. It’s the perfect all day smoke for experienced smokers since it is both very potent, long lasting and energizing.

Green Crack is a great beginner’s strain to grow. It is tolerant of nutrient deficiencies and can grow fairly well even under CFL bulbs. The sativa definitely shows in its characteristics: a tall high yielding plant with very dense buds. When growing plants for medicinal use it is important to take the proper steps to ensure safety and cleanliness. Never use products that could be harmful to patients if directly ingested. 7-9 weeks
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