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Golden Triangle marijuana seeds

Golden Triangle marijuana seeds

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Location: outdoor, greenhouse; Type: indica; Flowering: unknown; No feminized seeds.

Region: Southeast Asia

Genetics: Pure Southeast Asian Ganja Cultivar
Latitude: 21°N
Harvest Date: November-December
Height: up to 2 metres
Characteristics: Very large seeds with thick shells; dense trichomes and intense aroma; very high probability of good CBD content
Grow Type: Greenhouse or Outdoors

This is an unusual and aromatic "kansha" (ganja) variety from the Golden Triangle region of Lao. Cultivated by the Akha people who originate in the Yunnan region of South China, this line is part of what has been described as the "Yunnanese Indica" genepool. Cannabis researchers have recently suggested that all cannabis drug cultivars (both "sativa" and "indica") could have originated from this landrace region in Yunnan. These are vigorous plants with surprisingly dense buds, abundant trichomes and intense aromas of spearmint, catnip and citrus. Golden Triangle Akha is a drug cultivar which smokes very smoothly and produces a very mild, moderate stone. Flowering tips are also used in medicine and traditional cuisine. Strains originating in the Yunnan region are often found to have high CBD content, making this line worthy of further investigation by serious medical breeders. Where and when legal, germination may require judicious use of heat mats.
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