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Golden Goat marijuana seeds

Golden Goat marijuana seeds

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Strain Name: Golden Goat
Grade: A
Type: Hybrid
Looks: Small dense golden nugs, coated in a thick layer of sticky resinous crystals.
Smell: Smell is like dank and lemony.
Taste: Very citric with a kind of grapefruit twist. Smooth to inhale, but heavy in the lungs.
Effects: This buzz is very potent but mellow, it doesn’t take much to last a long time. Thought processes are clear, but actions are a bit slow, as if my body doesn’t quite know what its doing. Very easy to focus on a given task. Not couch-lock-ish at all. Vision is slightly blurred after moving my eyes. Perceptions seem to be a bit softer, sounds are mellower, lights aren’t so harsh, colors are warmer. This is a very good mix of cerebral and body effects.
Potency: Effects lasted 1.5 – 2.5 Hours.
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