Girl Guide Cookies Extreme 5 marijuana seed pack

Girl Guide Cookies Extreme 5 marijuana seed pack

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Gelato is a decadent strain with a unique past. It is a cross between two strains that are known for being generally well-liked for their flavors: Sunset Sherbert and Thin Mint GSC. Its original design stems from the Bay Area and it is absolutely jam-packed with THC, giving smokers a delightfully powerful buzz. Gelato will make you happy and relaxed, making its effects almost as agreeable as its universally loved flavors.

Origin of Gelato
Gelato is a hybrid of Sunset Sherbert and Thin Mint GSC. With those parents, you can already guess how delicious Gelato is. It was originally designed in the Bay Area of California and has the delightful cookie sweetness that all the Cookie strains share. It is a bit more indica than sativa but is a solid hybrid nonetheless.

The name Gelato is probably obvious. It has a sweet fragrance and flavor that are similar to its namesake, giving smokers an irresistible and delicious treat. It is sometimes called Larry Bird, a nickname that actually comes from Larry Bird, the NBA legend. You might not guess why. In fact, it comes mainly from the fact that Larry Bird’s jersey number was 33, and one Gelato phenotype was numbered 33.

Effects of Gelato
If you don’t smoke marijuana very often, you’d better proceed with caution when it comes to Gelato . It has tons of THC that can be shocking for newbies but fantastic for marijuana veterans (especially if you’re a heavy smoker with a relatively high tolerance). Gelato will make you feel happiness to the extreme, and that is paired with a physical relaxation that makes for an altogether pleasant experience (if you can handle it).

Many people enjoy Gelatobecause, although it relaxes you physically, it also tends to keep your mind rather fresh and clear. For that reason, smoking this strain can be a great activity to do during the day -- but because of its strength, you’d better try it once when you don’t have to do anything afterward to see how it really affects you.

The three most potent effects of Gelato are relaxation, happiness, and euphoria. After that, you’ll likely notice a general upliftedness and feeling of creativity. Don’t be surprised if you start having all sorts of exciting ideas and creative spurts. Then again, if you weren’t prepared for the strength of its effects, you could end up too relaxed to move even to pick up a pen and write or draw something. Start small if you haven’t smoked much before.

When you smoke Gelato , you’ll start feeling the effects almost immediately. It might begin with a creeping easing in of feeling high, but then all of a sudden, it’ll hit you in your head (making you extremely euphoric), then in your body. It’s often chosen as a social smoke. Marijuana lovers love this strain.

Adverse Reactions

As with any strain of marijuana, there are a few possible negative effects. The most likely adverse effect of the strain is dry mouth, so be sure to have a drink (preferably plain old water) around when you’re about to smoke it. Your eyes might get dried out as well, making them a bit red (which is essential to know if you were planning on being incognito).

Some other effects are possible as well, including paranoia, anxiety, and dizziness. These are less common and, unless you smoke way too much of it, you probably won’t experience them.

Medical Uses for Gelato marijuana
There are all sorts of medical uses for a THC-packed strain like Gelato marijuana. First of all, anyone suffering from stress is likely going to be pleased with its effects. It will relax you emotionally and physically, making your stressful life seem a lot more manageable in general. If you are suffering from some kind of pain (especially if it’s a stress-related pain, such as muscle tension), then this strain will do wonders for you. This is where that strong body relaxation comes into play, and it will feel fantastic.

Gelato cannabis is also known for really helping with depression. Its instant euphoria makes you unable to feel anything but happy and content, at least for a while. Finally, it is an excellent strain for combating insomnia and nausea.

Growing Gelato marijuana
This plant has a look to it that might make you think of orange sherbert since its hairs become very bright orange. Its buds will also have other colors, such as a deep purple. Although the plant is beautiful and delicious, seeds are sometimes hard to come by for some reason. You might have to get a cutting, or if you can find seeds, you may want to breed more for next time.

Growing this strain indoors is best since it is a rather finicky plant. It is not recommended for beginners for that reason. Its flowering time is between 8 and 9 weeks, and its yield is likely to be a bit above average. The plant itself gives off a slightly pungent smell, making indoor growing preferable for that reason as well.

You can also grow it outdoors if you’re living in a warm, humid climate. Specifically, Gelato marijuana does really well if the temperatures are a bit cooler right before the flowering period begins. It will likely be ready to harvest by the middle of October.
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