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Ganesh Spirit single seeds

Ganesh Spirit single seeds

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Ganesh Spirit Single seeds

Indica/Sativa, rapid flowering, a hybrid developed from an elite clone of genetics sativa. Very stable, pure and aromatic from the mountains of North India which is one of the centres of origin of many different varieties of cannabis. These mountainous sativas are compact structured plants similar to the Indica and have good adaptation to the cold, are resinous and a very high psychoactivity. Hard buds in these mountain plants also blood much faster than in most other sativas.

We have crossed this North Indian sativa with one of our sweet and aromatic Indicas producing a great hybrid force with high production and a highly psychoactive plant. The aroma of this plant is sweet, fruity and spicy. On the palate the taste is very intense with the discovery of its fresh citrus tones.

During the flowering this plant produces large aromatic buds which are fully loaded with bright resin and trichomes having improved considerably thanks to the junction with our Indica relationship, production, flowering time and fragrance. Ganesh spirit is a highly psychoactive and effect balanced little plant, imaginative, lucid and relaxing at the same time.

Type: Indica 40%, Sativa 60%
THC: 18-20%, CBD: 0,8%, CBN: 0,4%
Yield: indoor 400-600 gr/m2, outdoor 400-700 gr/plant
Flowering period: 8 week
Harvest time outdoor: beg-mid October
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