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Ganesh marijuana seeds

Ganesh marijuana seeds

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Contains landrace genetics from:

Yamuna x Afghan (Uttarkhand, N. India; Afghanistan)



A potent, laid back, sativa-dominant high; sensual; body relaxation.

Skunky-pungent, sweet, earthy, chocolate.
Medical use:

This strain shows potential against depression & anxiety. Preliminary reports show that it can be used as a muscle relaxant.

Flowing Time Outdoors
Flowering time outdoor:

September (south), early-mid October (north)
Flowering Time Indoors
Flowering time indoor:

60 days
Recommended Light Intensity
Recommended light intensity:

400-600W HPS/m2
Yield (dry weight)
Yield (dry weight):

400-450 gr/m2; 500-800 gr per plant outdoor in the ground.
Plant Height
Plant Height:


Detailed Description:

For our 5th anniversary we recreated our exotic, high-class indica-sativa hybrid “Yamuna” from the “Limited Collector’s Edition”, which was issued in our first year, and crossed it with our best Afghan parent from seed stock collected in the 1980’s. The result is an impressive stout plant oozing with resin that grows like an indica and feels like a sativa. Ganesh is an excellent choice for closet cultivation or a homebox due to it’s short stature and the even growth pattern. Plants vegged for 3 weeks in soil reach a height of approx. 60cm when mature. To harvest a field of “baseball bat” type colas in regular sized grow spaces we suggest vegging 4-5 weeks for organic (soil) cultivation. Ganesh grows perfectly with little or no feeding in quality soil.*

Our unique combination of landrace genetics injects a lot of vigour into this strain and the thick shoots from mother plants provide quality cuttings over an extended period. Due to the extreme density of the buds approx. 20-25% of the plants show some mold susceptibility in the top third portion of the head bud in the last week of flowering. Therefore, this strain is best grown in spaces with humidity control (extraction fan, ventilation, night temp. above 20°C or 68F). You should also water sparsely in the last week of flowering. Wait until the plants have slightly droopy leaves and give them just enough for their daily requirement. This is a tried and tested method for strains with dense buds and very effective. A daily check of the top half or top third portion of the head bud during this period lets you detect mold early before it can cause any damage. Growing with clones, SCROG, and pruned plants (indoor/outdoor) is not affected by a higher mold susceptibility.

The dense and crystalline buds have a rich, skunky smell that underlines the top quality of the smoke. A heavy-duty grinder is recommended for these chunky buds! The taste evokes the times of the finest Himalayan hash in the 1970’s - sweet and earthy with a chocolatey finish. Ganesh combines the best of both worlds: it’s dense, glittery indica nuggets have great ‘bag appeal’ and the sativa-dominant high leaves you functional, social, yet relaxed. It’s a great smoke for fun activities like a beach party; lying in your hammock and watching the sunlight flash through the trees; sensual leisure or bodywork such as massage, yoga, tai-chi; and all kinds of creativity.

*Read the Fertilizing Smart Guide and Soil Guide for more info.

Product Features

perfect for small grow spaces/homebox/balcony
impressive one-cola plant
dense crystalline buds with great "bag appeal"
classic old school genetics
potent feel-good high
very robust "hard to kill" plant
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