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G13-IX cannabis seeds

G13-IX cannabis seeds

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G13-IX marijuana seeds
Parents for this breeding endeavor hail from the lineage of the ever proven and reliable G13bx originally offered in the GN03 G13 Collection. The original genetics for G13bx are of 'Pacific' origin and were brought to the bx generation in 2003 by a well respected dutch breeder friend commissioned by Gypsy Nirvana. Many interesting and potent hybrids of today were born from parent selections made from within the GN03 G13bx seed line. Due to overwhelming requests to bring this notable indica back into his collection, Dutchgrown Seeds was commissioned whereby the G13-IX project was taken onboard. Whether you are seeking G13's notable pain relieving qualities, or wish to use this potent indica for your own breeding projects, G13-IX has been created to return this highly sought after indica back into the GN G13 Collection in 2010 for your growing, smoking, and breeding delights. You can expect a vigorous growing medium statured plant with beautiful wide leaves and rock hard buds of resin covered goodness. If you prefer a deep earthy roasted almond nutty flavor with buds glistening in massive glanduar trichome production then G13-IX is definitely for you. G13-IX has shown remarkable qualities for muscle relaxation and appetite stimulation. Due to the density of her buds in late flower, it is advisable to keep humidity levels in the 40-45% range and to make sure the colas/buds have sufficient support. Flowering time indoor: 60-65 days. Parent line: GN03 G13 Collection G13bx


Genotype: 100% Indica
Flowering Time: 60-65 Days
Grow Location: Indoor
Sea of Green? No
Sex Characteristics: Female or Male
Stature: Medium
Yield: Average to above average
Odor: Earthy, astringent, somewhat nutty
Taste: Earthy, roasted almonds with a hint of pine
Buzz: Creeper onset, thought provoking, numbing full body relaxant, medicinal benefits
Grow Info: Recommend additional nitrogen during veg. Should not be topped more than once at 6th to 8th internode, and responds well to pruning during last half of veg. Strong aroma during veg and flower.
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