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G Bolt cannabis single seeds

G Bolt cannabis single seeds

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G Bolt single seeds

A cross between the G bolt Motarebel (Pacific G13 clone x Yumbolt male) X CH9 Flower. Fast plant, with compact buds. Nice and healthy plant structure. Great for closet & home box garden. Limited series. Peppery high, very strong and penetrating, motivational effect. (It is recommended to respect the veg time, in order to achieve flowering in 8 weeks, if started on 12/12 you will need to wait 2 more weeks with this strain only)

(Can be grown outdoor & indoor)

Original Motarebel G bolt description: G-Bolt is a cross between a female Pacific G-13 and a male Yumbolt from Sagarmatha seeds. The G-13 clone is a great base strain as it adds good structure, great yields, excellent body stone and it's very easy to clone. The Yumbolt male has blessed this cross with its awesome woodsy flavour. G-Bolt is a heavy brancher and is better for a SCROG types grow. A good to excellent yielder pending veg time, we recommend at least 6 weeks.

Flowering time: 8-9 weeks
Indoor yield: Up to 80 gr indoor with 30-45 days of veg
Outdoor yield: Average of 250 gr outdoor or more depend on vegetative time and season, up to 450 gr
Lineage: G bolt Motarebel (Pacific G13 clone x Yumbolt male) X CH9 Flower
Bouquet: Flavour, citrus earthy flower aroma
Type: Indica/Sativa
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