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fumar con dios female

fumar con dios female

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Developed : Holland, F-1 hybrid

Sativa / Indica : 75 % / 25 %

Appearance : Sativa looking, very resinous

Smell / taste : Superior, fruity sweet taste

High / strength : Clear spiritual energetic

high Yield per m2 :
Good Sowing time : May / June

Outdoor harvest : October / November (Holland)

Flowering period : 9 - 12 weeks (12 hrs indoor)

11 seeds

Enjoy the Fruit of the Gods.

Pure Haze smell, pure Haze taste, pure Haze effect. The Skunk father keeps the height down and the maturation time to within 12 weeks. He also pumps up the yields to a respectable 300 grammes per square metre. This powerful Haze comes highly recommended for impatient Haze lovers. Only one generation removed from th
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