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Five Year Plan marijuana seeds

Five Year Plan marijuana seeds

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FYP (Five Year Plan named after the now defunct California Punk Rock band) are Mr.Riot's personal creation and one of his favourite. They combine the best indica characteristics of Ken's Grandaddy Purple female with sativa qualities of Jack Herer (R.I.P.) male. Just like Jack Herer led the way in the political struggle for medical cannabis, Riot’s seeds breeders hope that this marijuana seed can lead the way in its plethora of medicinal properties, many of which we are still learning about to this day. So far, it was said to be effective for pain relief, gastro-intesitnal pain relief, anti anxiety, arthritis, Crohn's dIsease.

This marijuana seed is very dense, the whole plant is covered with sticky crystals. It can happily grow indoor, outdoors and in greenhouses and is able to produce as much as 400 gr of the best marijuana. Flowering takes 8-9 weeks during which FYP develops a distinctive earthy smell mixed with lovely grape senses. Plants are mostly green with some lavender traces when the temperature drops.

FYP is suitable for indoor, outdoor and greenhouse cultivation; these marijuana seeds are mould resistant and show a consistent result over and over again.

Ken's Grandaddy Purple x Jack Herer

6 seeds

8-9 weeks


Strong relaxing yet clear headed
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