female seeds zamal x skunk special

female seeds zamal x skunk special

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Female seeds X line , This is a very limited edition; a cross with the mighty Zamal. The Zamal (mango/carrot) comes from La Reunion Island (near Madagascar).The mother-plant grows big long arms like an octopus, full with resinous little buds. This Zamal, with it's unique 'electric/intelligent' far out high, is crossed with the Nevilles Haze to reduce it's flower period from 20 to 15 weeks without losing to much of it's psychedelic qualities or polluting it with Indica's. Clones of this cross are easier manageable indoors. Last 4 weeks of 10/14 will help them to finish flowering. Regular seeds from the pure Zamal are 25% male, 25% female and 50% hermies. Crossing it with Nev.haze and feminizing it has had a very positive result on the female/hermie ratio, however we can't promise 99% females here. Just keep a good eye on them. A very nice one if you have the patience and are ready for something totally different, something far out.
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