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Extrema marijuana seeds

Extrema marijuana seeds

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Extrema marijuana seeds

Genetic: ChemD X Herijuana
Type: Indica dominant type
Flowering time: 8-9 weeks
Harvest: Up to 500 gram/m2 (indoor)
Key: A powerful diesel / skunk smell taste /
Effect: Extreme stoned
Flowers: Dense buds covered in trichomes
THC: Percentage up to 23%

After a few years of selling the well known Herijuana we got lots of feedback about the quality's medical plans from this. Very powerful stoned to the bone cannabis Which is very suitable as a pain killer or just to get real stoned.

The ChemD is a cross Which stand out in taste and potency, overwhelming a skunky / diesel smell Which stays for a while to torture you. She gives a extreme stoned / high Which will stay for a long time.

This two extremes on each other will give heavy indica dominant plants with a flowering time from around the average 8-9 weeks, harvest is OK for a indica like this but when the space is filled up good this can surprise lots of indica indica growers.

Extrema has 2 extreme parents and as expected this will give fireworks plants for growers that are hooked on strong Indica's. The ChemD will enhance the taste of the Herijuana in a very positive way, a strong odor and taste in combination with its strong medical properties this will be very cross popular.The extrema can grow quite big for a Inica Which means you need less plants on m2, 9-16 Lady's will do the job.
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