euphoria continum marijuana seeds 10 pack

euphoria continum marijuana seeds 10 pack

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Before your first toke of Euphoria Continuum Bud, gets deep into your lungs. Now your heart starts racing and your cerebral is instantly hit with euphoria. But wait. Your second toke takes you to higher euphoria as your mind and imagination is unlocked. By the time you take your third toke, you already off exploring into another galaxy, far, far away.
Euphoria Continuum Bud
All voyage reports have been pleasant ones. No paranoia with this strain. Just an all out mega happy exploration to dimensions you never thought possible, especially from using cannabis. Others say it’s like an acid trip but happier.
Non GMO Euphoria Continuum Bud
This strain in non-genetically modified, we promise. The trip is so out-of-this world, people were saying there is no way it wasn’t bred playing god with its DNA. The truth is, we’ve learned a lot from genetically modifying weed, we just took that knowledge and looked for specific traits you never would of guessed could unlock such a powerful strain naturally. We’ve really perfected our Euphoria Unlimited these past 7 years and we crossed her with a father from Space Time Bud and then found a unique phenotype from one of these offspring that gives you the tip of a lifetime and a buzz that goes for 14-20 hours. This translates into a week-end use, where you have no responsibilities, no job to go into, and you plan to do nothing but experience the greatest high life has to offer you for a full 20 hours.
Limited quantities. Sorry again if we sell out. It’s hard to keep anything in stock these days with the Global Green Rush and the demand for our genetics, we just can’t keep up with demand.
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