Early Durban Poison Seeds 10 pack

Early Durban Poison Seeds 10 pack

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Durban Poison is the like the Espresso of Cannabis!

This pure sativa offers a euphoric and uplifting experience. With THC levels up to 18% to 20% and still perfect for day-time activities, its no wonder that Durban Poison cannabis seeds are very popular.

This strain grows well in higher altitude regions and is the love child of a Durban Poison crossed with a Skunk #1.

Durban Poison is know to help with anxiety and depression as well as pain management and nausea.

Users experience a clear focused high, its know to come on right away.

The plans can grow outdoors to 12 feet high in temperatures of 72-80 degrees Fahrenheit and typically finished in early October.

Indoor gardeners can expect a higher than average yield and usually takes 8 weeks.

These seeds are REGULAR and will produce both MALE and FEMALE plants.

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