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Early Canadian outdoor seeds

Early Canadian outdoor seeds

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Early - Canadian Outdoor

Our first early outdoor Sativa designed especially for shorter summers in Canada with the same great sativa buzz. Early can grow low to the ground or as high as pine trees. Early has been providing Northern Canadian growers with massive THC trichome-frosted buds for our unique northern climates in==as far north as Quebec. Mold resistant and vigorous bushy low growth, Early can provide pounds of buds without the height of the sativa for concealed outdoor growing. Early truely is a remarkable buzz for morning hits to get you outta the bed.

Early can be started indoors at the end of winter aka "March 2008 Canada :( " and can be easily transferred outdoors to a location with maximum exposure to direct sunlight a few weeks later end of April. be sure to allow wide spacing between plants, especially if growing directly in direct sunloght, as these ladies can attain a final height equivalent to a small tree. If you want steath growing outdoors, don't gorw these ladies in rows, plant them in a zig-zag manner to conceal from airplane view. This plant really blends into it's surroundings and can be hard to find during harvest if you don't mark the exact spot where you planted it. Early is a great plant to use stop thieves from stealing these babies from your grow area as they blend in well to its surroundings.

Fowering 6-7 weeks
Harvest September
Smell low
INDICA/SATIVA 20% Indica 80% Sativa
Skill Level Easy to grow for begginer
THC Level THC level very good
Indoors / Outdoors Outdoor Strain, can be in or Greenhouse
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