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Dutch crunch marijuana seeds

Dutch crunch marijuana seeds

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Dutch crunch marijuana seeds

Dutch Crunch (AKA Dutch Treat #5) won third place for indoor organic cannabis at the 2010 San Francisco Medical Cannabis Competition. This strain is a favorite among coffee shops in Amsterdam as the original Dutch Treat was bread in the Netherlands. With such famous parents as Dutch Treat and Jack Herer, Dutch Crunch is a highly sought-after strain known mostly for its extreme potency. The flowers produced by Dutch Crunch plants are a deep green accentuated by dark red hairs. They form in tight, average sized clusters. This strain is known to produce thousands of large, glistening trichomes, some of which are apparent to the naked eye. The aroma from this strain is strong on the Jack Herer side, with eucalyptus and spice overtones. The Dutch Treat in this strain gives it fresh citrus and skunk undertones. Caryophyllene and Limonene are the dominant terpenes in this strain. Caryophyllene is found to be dominant in many haze strains and has been shown to produce analgesic effects. Limonene has been shown to reduce anti-depressant use and act as an anti-carcinogen. Upon smoking, the taste comes out strong with citrus and skunk flavors along with hints of warm pepper. The smoke is thick and coughing is to be expected as the lungs expand. However, this strain is not known to be harsh or cause a burning sensation in the throat. The effects from Dutch Crunch come on fast and extremely strong. This strain goes straight to the head, creating energetic, uplifting effects without the jitters or anxious feelings. Dutch Crunch is a good choice for those suffering from stress, depression, suppressed appetite, pain, and nausea.

This being a rare strain, little information is available regarding optimal cultivation of this strain. One could expect plants to grow in a hybrid sativa fashion, stretching upwards and slightly outwards to become medium in height and a little bushy. Dutch Crunch plants require a controlled environment or can be grown outside in a dry, warm climate. They do well in all mediums whether using soil or hydroponics. This strain is not recommended for the Sea of Green technique as they will branch a bit and crowd each other. Due to the large presence of the terpene Limonene, which is known to have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, these plants are fairly resistant to molds, especially asperilligus. When growing plants for medicinal use it is important to take the proper steps to ensure safety and cleanliness. Never use products that could be harmful to patients if directly ingested. For more information, please contact a staff member of SPARC.
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