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Durweiss marijuana seeds

Durweiss marijuana seeds

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Durweiss is our most pearl Indicates Green Devil Genetics, is another great work make by GDG with the legendary variety Switzerland in the year 2003 Edelweiss Original clone and expanded to Holland, placed in our hands a few years ago by a great friend Hispanic / Dutch, where we have acclimatised to the Mediterranean and worked its genes with a Landrace Original Durban selected and acclimatized to our lands, to be able to present Durweiss. It is a very robust plant as a hedge, dense buds, very compact filled with stones as THC, resistant to pests and fungi making it an easy plant to grow. It has a taste very sweet, fruity and indeed very powerful and relaxing if you relax, but you do not leave Durban pulled by their descendants. All varieties of Green Devil Genetics are acclimated to the Spanish Mediterranean.

Edelweiss, Landrace Original Durban


50-55 days

400/500 g/m2

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