durban poison feminized seeds

durban poison feminized seeds

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100% sativa, Durban Poison feminized seeds' origin goes to South Africa. They are absolutely adapted to the unstable European climate and became one of the popular marijuana seeds of Dutch Passion.

This strain is very easy to grow. The plants grown from the feminized seeds of Durban Poison can confuse you by having an indica look. They have fat dark leaves and don't seem to produce a lot of resin. The compact buds you will spot after 8-9 weeks are large and full of THC (8.6%). It's recommended not to judge this "mim" by its appearance.

No particular difficulties have been observed during this marijuana growing. The Durban Poison feminized seeds are resistant to mould and mushroom. It needs just a usual caution against mite spiders and caterpillars when grown outdoors.

The flowering period is quite short a sativa. Planted in April, it Durban Poison is completely ready in the first week of September. If you like Thai aroma, you'll fully enjoy the Asian odour coming from this marijuana beauty during the whole veg period. The taste is described differently - either sweet liquorice or sweet aniseed; and the effect is the same - fast hitting, up high, all in the head. Why don't you try it yourself?


8-9 weeks

THC content:

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