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Dub reggae cannabis seeds

Dub reggae cannabis seeds

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A Critical Mass winning countless awards Kalijah crossed with the male. The merger between these two gene has resulted in a compact plant, flowering young, smooth, easy to grow production and medium / high. The buds are very compact and do not lose volume after drying. At the end of flowering, indoors, keep the humidity low (40/50%) to avoid the appearance of fungus, because of its density. It is suitable for cultivation in SOG. Put it to flower three weeks after germination. Outdoors behaves very well. Like every family, is a strong plant, compact, highly resistant to hostile environments.
The aromas and flavors of this plant reminiscent of anise, fennel and hashish Nepalese. The taste is sharp and you will taste buds saturated for long periods. Accompanying this flavor we are an intoxicating effect and brain, which makes you lose between the mind and the senses (with reggae league very well).
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