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Double Diesel Ryder automatic single seeds

Double Diesel Ryder automatic single seeds

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Double diesel automatic single seeds
In a race for the best tasting weed, Double diesel has performed remarkably. For those looking for a speedy version of the NYC Diesel this is the strain for you. Fast, furious and fantastic describe this futuristic plant from the big apple. Tighter buds than original Diesel the formation of the tops is unsurpassed. Changing air filters after every grow is recommended because of the incredible aroma associated with this girl. Best kept in jars to contain the smell, you will find yourself opening the lid just to get a nose hit of this most satisfying Sensi. For stash, cash or competing in a bud bash, Double Diesel Ryder is a winner.

Life cycle: 8-9weeks
Height: 0.5-0.7m
Yield: 300g/m2
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