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Dirty harry marijuana seeds

Dirty harry marijuana seeds

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Type: Indica/Sativa Hybrid
Yield: Heavy
Flowering Time Required: between 56 and 63 days;
Cross: Woodhorse Herijuana x Grapefruit bx1

The Dirty Harry marijuana strain is not named after Clint Eastwood. She's named because the female grapefruit bx1 smells and tastes very earthy, like dirt. Her Grapefruit mother was crossed with a male Blueberry and then crossed back again with another Grapefruit clone. The result is sweet, citrusy, earthy, berry goodness that will spin your head around and around! When the Herijuana was crossed in, bud density and stoneage strength was increased. The final result is a plant that grows easily, even for beginning home marijuana cultivators. This strain has truly strong genetics and needs only the basics to do her thing: intense lights, pure water, quality nutrients and carbon dioxide.

Canadianhempco: Earthy, Fruity, Sweet, Grapefruit Delight That Packs A Painkilling Indica Smashup!

If Mr. Eastwood were to shoot you in the dome with a deathdealing slug, you would be hit no harder then you will when you toke up on a phat J of Dirty Harry cannabis. It's a good thing weed is practically legal in California! Growing and smoking Dirty Harry marijuana is a true pleasure. She grows very well indoors with her bottom branching cut off so that she does not get overly bushy. Concentrate her growth towards the development of a central cola with few side branches left to develop. You'll grow heavy, sticky, trichrome-smothered buds of delight that will be the talk of everyone you are generous enough to share with. Enjoy your experience with the Dirty Harry strain of medical cannabis!
Dirty Harry 5.00 out of 5 based on 2 ratings. 2 user reviews.
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lindzzz | Oct 2, 2011

How can you help yourself, with a name like that?! A nice and heavy indica with that muted grapefruit and spicy green flavor mixed together. When I got an eighth once I thought I was shorted because it seemed to be such a small amount. Then I realized it was just really dense! Good choice.
5.00 stars

Oh man those indicas work on my pain so well and this one is just what I need when I need it. Hit fast and hard working all it's wonderful magic.
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