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Dieselrella marijuana seeds

Dieselrella marijuana seeds

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Dieselrella Notes..... "I want to say something in regards to my having grown 1000's of NYCD clones, back along, in the 'Dam: In Amsterdam, I grew completely from Soma's clones-his P1 NYCD Stock. By experience, I selected which pheno to use, based on my extensive experience with Soma's P1 NYCD Stock. For "Dieselrella", I selected the NYCD phenotype with arm-length colas, very dense, but with a slight foxtailing towards the end of flowering." This phenotype literally oozes with trichromes and an aroma similar to greasy fried chicken with a distinct petrol/fuel smell and slightly lemon taste of connoisseur level potency which finishes in 70-77 days. Flowering: 60-75 days
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