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Diesel marijuana seeds

Diesel marijuana seeds

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Legendary strain coming from USA.

This genetic arrive to New York by a cultivator who makes a cross with Super Skunk x Northern Lights strain, to made the Diesel line, called Diesel to remember the smell that she produces when she`s fresh. Diesel it is one of the most selled and cunsommed strains in the USA, it says lot on the exceptional popularity of this strain. The strong criteriums of this strain are: the very caracteristic taste between citrus and mandarin mixed with a `fuel` smell, the taste is very persistant, and it`s one the top success point of the Diesel.

Sweet sativa taste, relaxing. It`s a very enjoyable plant with their low CBD level, the effect is much more cerebral than physical. Very easy to grown, this plant is moderaly resistant to the fungus attacks on the cold and moist areas, in mediteraneum sea this plant don`t have fungus problems. The contained growth and an excellent production makes of this plant an excellent choice as well for the outdoor culture if the taste is the n°1 factor.

Genetic: 40% Indica; 60% Sativa
Genotype: Mexican Sativa x Afghani
Flowering Time Indoor: 60 – 70 days
Harvestimg time Outdoor: Until the 15 of October.
Yield Indoor: High
Height Outdoor: Up to 3 meters.
THC: High. (12% – 16%).
CBD: Low.
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