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Diablo OG Kush storm marijuana seeds

Diablo OG Kush storm marijuana seeds

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Diablo OG Kush Storm marijuana seeds
Classification: Indica-dominant
Parents: Diablo OG Kush x Sandstorm
Growing Environment: Indoor/outdoor/greenhouse
Garden Skills: Intermediate to advanced
Flowering Time: 7 - 8 weeks
Yield: Moderate
Medical Uses: Chronic pain, appetite stimulation, chemotherapy, anxiety Buzz Rating: This magnificent strain is something that every smoker has to try at least once. The thing is, after you try it you'll keep coming back for more and more. It's a heavy-hitting indica-dominant straing that has supreme medicinal capabilities.

Despite the incredibly sinister sounding name, this bud has to be a gift from the heavens. How else could arguably the best OG variety come to be in existence? These buds truly are not so green as they are white with potent, sticky, cough-inducing trichromes. Upon breaking them open, they sometimes display streaks of purple, from the Sandstorm father. Diablo OG Kush is available in clone-only form, and when that particular strain become ever-so-popular, supply-and-demand required that the breeder cross it with another strain to make it available in seed form. A male Sandstorm was chosen to breed with a Diablo OG Kush mother and the resulting offspring was Diablo OG Kush Storm.

Unlike most OG varieties, this strain displays a 7 - 8 week flowering time, producing a moderate yield of arguably the best OG strain around. These ladies require a skilled hand to generate a successful harvest and will also require support for the thin, elongated colas supporting the buds. The buds also have a relatively low calyx-to-leaf ratio, which makes for more tenuous manicuring but much better hash and/or butter makings.

These buds have a fresh, crisp flavor of lemon, parsley and Kush, resulting in an immediate high that takes effect by the time you’ve exhaled your first hit. This weed will go great in any piece and tastes absolutely amazing through a vaporizer. So what are you waiting for, go grab some of this stuff now.
Diablo OG Kush Storm 5.00 out of 5 based on 1 ratings. 1 user reviews.
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Guest | Jul 28, 2011

Holy cow did this shit blow me away. I was lukcy enough to run into it at the club I mostly go to and was recommended by the guy behind the counter. Abosultey fenomenal stuff that can't be described with words alone.
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