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Critical plus female

Critical plus female

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Seeds dinafem, Excellent variety, maxime resin and quality. A genetices originating in the champion Critical + 10 seeds female Winning of the I Cup HighLife of Barcelona. The most important characteristic of this variety, is without doubt the intense fragrance and flavor that produces; smells of Skunk fruity, but smells a lot, so much that can become a problem, above all in interior, and the use of filters antismell powerful is necessary with this variety until this totally dry and packaged. It is important to emphasize that to smoke it, even mixed with tobacco, the flavor is the original one, does not know to grass burned, and is very intense since the beginning to the end, for which is consumed very easily and leaves a great flavor in the mouth. The flavor is very sweet, intense, and deep. It grows like a sativa, and a sativa shows, with narrow and fine leaves, of not very dark color, with long stems, and very fine for the volume of flowers that bear. It produces many bud, and the distance internodal is not very high, which favors the high production. It agrees to control a lot of the height before flourishing it, so that it doesnt get out of hand, therefore grows a lot. It is at the moment of the flowering when all its declared potential appears, and what a sativa it becomes a superproduct that advances quickly to the other varieties. The system SCROG is very adapted for this variety. Flourishes very quickly, and is list in 45-50 days, with 12 hours of light in interior. In outside, is also of very high production, flourishes very fast, and the 4º week of September this totally I mature; the mold can attack it, but thanks to their velocity of flowering they can be harvested before having too much botrytis, without losing barely dry weight. The production of resin is high, and the power of the effect is upper-middle, effective combined physicist and mental.
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