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Cream Caramel marijuana seeds 10 pack

Cream Caramel marijuana seeds 10 pack

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Cream Caramel marijuana strain is a 90/10 Indica dominant cannabis hybrid. This herb was bred by Sweet Seeds in Spain. Cream Caramel is known for monstrous 24% THC levels and long lasting, up to 4-6 hours high. The marijuana plants grow beautiful dense buds with a good resin coat. As the name suggests, Cream Caramel has a strong sweet aroma with hints of skunk and spices. Breeders recommend growing this bud indoors, plants take 7-8 weeks to finish flowering. Good for evening time use.
Type of High
Cream Caramel marijuana strain induces strong body high, energizes the mind, uplifts mood, relieves stress and anxiety. Followed by moderate relaxation. Alleviates insomnia, controls pain, inflammation and seizures. May prompt headaches and paranoia.
Cream Caramel cannabis strain is a three-way cross between #1 Maple Leaf, BlueBack and White Rhino.
Average Cannabinoid Composition
15.00/24.00% THC 0.01/1.60% CBD 0.01/0.60% CBN
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