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Chunkle marijuana seeds

Chunkle marijuana seeds

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Chunkle marijuana seeds - 7 weeks
Seriously, you blink your eye and it’s gone. Chubbs didn’t even bring any home last time….you can bet there was a big argument over that!

Grade: A+

Type: Indica

Genetics: God’s Gift x Master Kush

Looks: Large dense purple nugs with loads of orange hairs and trichomes.

Smell: Very sweet complex deep grape smell.

Taste: Welch’s grape juice. Mouth watering.

Buzz Type: Immediate head high. Pretty immediate body high from 2 small puffs that put me into a stupor. In fact, this review is taking longer than my previous reviews because not too many thoughts are coming into my head other than maybe I should have waited till later to smoke this one lol. Super heavy buzz that makes me want to turn on Disney’s Fantasia.

Buzz Length: Long. Going on 3 hours as I type this review.

Overall: This is a top notch indica. Looks, smells, and tastes like every bud should. I really should have waited till later on this one. This is a great pain killer. Complete numbness. Enjoyable lazy afternoon in the OC. Thanks CPA! –_spoon_
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